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«The beauty of the beasts» documentary

Swiss film production about a strong woman.

Tracking down poachers with dogs: this is the order from the Congo to the Swiss veterinarian Marlene Zahnner. Unique mountain gorillas are at risk in Virunga National Park. Rebels and poachers threaten paradise.

Directed by Verena Endtner

Verena Endtner studied directing in London and Vancouver. She is also a film editor and camera operator. She is the mother of an 9 year old son.

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Would you like to find out more about the situation in Virunga National Park or are you planning a trip to the National Park?


Find out more on Facebook using the hashtag #virunga.

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Trailer documentary

«Women with bloodhounds»

The film was co-produced by the Swiss television. The accompanying social media trailer was created as part of this deal.


Film festivals

Maple Summit Film Festival | S.O.F.A Film Festival (Animals, Wildlife, Environment, Conservation) | Colorado Environmental Film Festival | North Dakota Environmental Rights Film Festival

A screener of the film can be streamed as a preview by those responsible for film festivals on Filmfreeway. We are looking forward to your contact!